Dropless Cataract Surgery

Dr. Doug Jacobson M.D. has partnered with Imprimis Pharmaceuticals to offer dropless cataract surgery for his patients.
Dropless cataract surgery is a single-use injectable formulation of antibiotic and steroid administered at the end of cataract surgery to reduce or eliminate the need for eye drops after cataract surgery. Dr. Jacobson has six months of experience using this technique with much success. There have been demonstrated several advantages over traditional post-surgery eye drops.

1) Improved compliance

Improper instillation of eyedrops happens frequently. As does the lack of adherence to topical regimens. Dropless cataract surgery guarantees that each cataract surgery patient is give them the correct dose, properly administered of the antibiotic and the anti-inflammatory medication.

2) Cost savings

Some patients are burdened with several hundred dollars in out of pocket costs for eye drops around the time of cataract surgery which varies depending on each individual’s insurance, the pharmacy they choose, and the particular medicines prescribed by their surgeon. Dropless cataract surgery offers a low fixed cost.

3) Improved safety and efficacy

Dr. Jacobson MD has been using dropless cataract surgery for over six months with great success. He has had no complications associated with his transzonular injection technique and no cases of endophthalmitis (no eye infections).
Additionally, Dr. Jacobson’s review of the relevant publications indicates antibiotics given within the eye at the end of cataract surgery offer a significantly reduced rate of eye infection associated with cataract surgery when compared with post surgery eye drops.

Patient education

It is important for patients understand why drops are not being prescribed. Additionally it is reassuring for patients to know to expect floaters following dropless cataract surgery for the first 24 to 48 hours while the medicine is being absorbed by the eye.

Dr. Doug Jacobson M.D. is the first surgeon to offer dropless cataract surgery in Santa Barbara. Due to its many advantages, Dr. Jacobson MD expects dropless cataract surgery to become the standard of care in the near future.

For more information about this exciting technique, please visit our partner’s website at http://www.imprimisrx.com/formulations/ophthalmology/dropless/


Dr. Doug Jacobson, MD provides state of the art medical and surgical eye care to our Santa Barbara community. A California native, Dr. Jacobson received his Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Colorado College, then taught in Costa Rica, at Yosemite Institute, and at the Colorado College. He earned his medical degree at Yale University School of Medicine and trained in Internal Medicine at Stanford University Medical Center. Dr. Jacobson completed specialty training in Ophthalmology at the University of Washington, including Harborview Trauma Center, Puget Sound Veterans Hospital and Seattle Childrens’ Hospital. These hospitals serve as referral centers for a five state area, providing an enormous breadth and intensity of training for selected physicians. Following completion of this training, Dr. Jacobson worked at a multi-specialty group in Seattle providing comprehensive ophthalmology care, including a high volume of cataract surgery.