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Visian Icl Santa Barbara
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Visian ICL High Definition Vision Correction

Free yourself from glasses and contact lenses with the latest in high definition vision correction surgery.  This exciting new technology provides permanent yet reversible correction of nearsightedness, without altering the natural structures of the eye.  Dr. Jacobson MD is the first surgeon in Santa Barbara to be offering this exciting advance in vision correction.

With Visian ICL, Dr. Jacobson MD places a corrective lens inside the eye. This soft, flexible lens rests just in front of your natural lens, to permanently correct myopia (nearsightedness).  This minimally invasive technique allows for recovery that is typically rapid and painless, and is permanent yet reversible.  The Visian ICL procedure does not limit future treatment options, nor does it interfere with future cataract surgery.  Visian ICL blocks harmful ultraviolet rays, providing your eyes with lifelong UV protection.  The vision correction procedure works in people with extreme nearsightedness, thin corneas and large pupils.  Visian ICL does not contribute to dry eyes.

Generally, ICL differs from LASIK in that LASIK alters the shape of the cornea by removing natural tissue, permanently thinning and weakening the delicate cornea, while ICL inserts a lens into the posterior chamber of the eye, maintaining the natural structures of the eye.  The Visian lens can be removed or replaced if vision changes.  Complications such as poor vision after cataract surgery, flap detachment, and keratoconus which may occur with LASIK do not occur with Visian ICL as there is no destruction of corneal tissue.  Visian ICL lens implant is a similar technique to that which has been used in cataract surgery for decades.  For more on the differences between LASIK and ICL, visit the Visian website.

What is Visian ICL?

Vision Correction Benefits

  • Does not induce dry eye syndrome;
  • Sharp, Clear Vision with great depth and dimension;
  • Excellent Night Vision;
  • Great for those with thin corneas;
  • UV protection built into the biocompatible lenses;
  • A typically quick, 15 minute procedure and most people are able to resume daily activities in just a few short days with clearer vision;
  • Treats moderate to high myopia (nearsightedness)


Nate Emery

“I really appreciated Dr. Jacobson’s transparency during the whole process, from evaluation to preparation to procedure. He was always very clear about what was happening and why each step was necessary to ensure a successful correction to my eyes.”

Nate Emery
Max Frank

“As a professional videographer and photographer my eyes are my most valuable tool. I spend a lot of my time hiking to remote destinations and camping. My contacts and glasses were becoming a burden and a hassle. I decided it was time to get my vision fixed. I thought I was set on Lasik but Dr. Jacobson informed me about Visian ICL. A few weeks later he performed the surgery and my quality of life was instantly upgraded. I now have 20/­15 vision and am unbelievably happy with the results.”

Max Frank